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piave File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
algorithm.hh [code]
alphablend.hh [code]Defines a binary operator for alpha blending two inputs can be still overlay or xfade transitions or whatever..
artsstream.hh [code]
avccontroller.hh [code]
avistream.hh [code]
avstream.ccImplements avstream.hh
avstream.hh [code]Declares the in and out streaming interface for PIAVE
bufferpool.hh [code]A pool for buffers
exception.hh [code]Here lives the server functionality of piave
ffistream.hh [code]
ffmpeg.hh [code]
ffostream.hh [code]
filter.ccImplements filter.hh
filter.hh [code]Declares simple filters and other unary operators
frame.ccImplements frame.hh
frame.hh [code]Code for handling video and audio frames
IEEE1394IO.hh [code]
image.hh [code]Implements simpe still and dynamic color effects
invert.hh [code]Declares simple invert filter
kdenserver.hh [code]
libdv_codec.hh [code]
mediaelements.ccImplements mediaelements.hh
mediaelements.hh [code]Contains implementations of the abstract class PIAVE::MediaElement like AVChunks or Image elements
operatorbase.ccImplements operatorbase.hh
operatorbase.hh [code]Contains fundamental classes for all operators
ossstream.hh [code]
piave_base.ccImplements piave_base.hh
piave_base.hh [code]Contains the declarations of all the very basic PIAVE classes, elementary structures, and constants
player.hh [code]Implements a simple main loop and all infrastructure to try to run this main loop in the requested speed
libpiave/plugin.hh [code]
plugins/iostream/rawdv/plugin.hh [code]
pluginmgr.ccImplments the plugin manager
pluginmgr.hh [code]
property.hh [code]
rawdvstream.ccImplements rawdvstream.hh
rawdvstream.hh [code]Use libdv for raw DV IO
ringbuffer.hh [code]
samplerateplugin.hh [code]
scenebuilder.hh [code]
sdlstream.hh [code]
server.ccImplaments server.hh
server.hh [code]
sndfile.hh [code]
storybase.ccImplements storybase.hh
storybase.hh [code]Contains basic classes for the StoryBoard
streammgr.hh [code]
textmaster.ccImplements textmaster.hh
textmaster.hh [code]
transitions.ccImplements transitions.hh
transitions.hh [code]Contains declarations for binary operators, e.g
VEML.hh [code]
videoformat.hh [code]
vorbisfile.hh [code]

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