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piave Compound List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
PIAVE::AudioBufferRepresents the audio portion of a Frame
PIAVE::AVChunkAVChunk is piece of a audio/video stream
PIAVE::BinaryOpAbstract base class for all binary operators
PIAVE::BoxIt's, yes, right, a box! !
BufferPoolCentral facility to manage buffers for dv, video, and audio frames this means: as many buffers as necessary, as few as possible
PIAVE::ColorStillRepresents a simple uni color image
PIAVE::CopyAOpImplements a BinaryOp that passes through src_a
PIAVE::FFMpegStatic class and takes care of global initializations for ffmpeg
PIAVE::GlobalGlobal setup this is where all unique instances of global symbols and global setup go statics only.
PIAVE::InAudioStreamIFaceDefines interface for audio input other than from files
PIAVE::InAVFStreamBase class for AV input files
PIAVE::InAVStreamIFaceInterface for audio video input streams This includes video only streams
PIAVE::InFFMpegStreamClass InFFMpegStream handles files with ffmpeg
PIAVE::InSndfileUse oss to play audio
InSndfileUse libsndfile to read and decode sound files
PIAVE::InVorbisfileUse oss to play audio
InVorbisfileUse libvorbisfile to read and decode Ogg/Vorbis I files
PIAVE::KdenLiveServerImplements a Server to talk with KdenLive GUI
PIAVE::LibDVDecoderClass InRawDVStream handles raw dv streams as produced by libdv, i.e
PIAVE::MediaElementAbstract base class for all elemets that contain data as oposed to operators which only modify data
PIAVE::NullBOpImplements a BinaryOp that does nothing
PIAVE::NullUOpImplements a UnaryOp that does nothing
PIAVE::OpParameterBaseAbstract base class for all operator properties
PIAVE::OutARTSStreamUse arts to play audio
PIAVE::OutAudioStreamIFaceDefines interface for audio output other than files
PIAVE::OutAVStreamIFaceInterface for audio video output streams
PIAVE::OutFFMpegStreamClass OutFFMpegStream handles files with ffmpeg
PIAVE::OutOSSStreamUse oss to play audio
PIAVE::OutSDLStreamClass OutSDLStream use SDL to display single frames
PIAVE::PluginBaseclass for all Plugins
PIAVE::PluginBaseAll classes that want to be plugins should inherit this class
PIAVE::PluginInfoDefines the entry symbol of a piave plugin library
PIAVE::PluginMgrThe PluginMgr is a singleton factory for and a register of all known plugins
PIAVE::Raw1394Reader::FrameRecieverFIMXE this ringbuffer implementation could maybe merged with the Raw1394Consumer
PIAVE::ReplaceAudioOpImplements a BinaryOp that replaces the audio in src_a (if any) by audio in src_b
PIAVE::ServerListens on a tcp port for incomming commands
ShiftInTransitionShifts in src_b from a given direction
PIAVE::StoryBNodeStoryBNode manages two child elements connected via a BinaryOp for video and a BinaryOp for audio. There are exactly three principle types of BNodes: -video-video nodes: can have an audio and an video op -audio-audio nodes: no video op, only audio op -video-audio nodes: no video, only audio op
PIAVE::StoryBoardA small wrapper around the root of the render tree
PIAVE::StoryElementThe StoryElement is the abstract base class for all objects that can be element of a StoryBoard
PIAVE::StorySeqNodeNumber of nodes which are in sequential order and have no operator connecting them
PIAVE::StoryUNodeStoryUNode manages one single child element an UnaryOp for video and an UnaryOp for audio will be rendered to the child
PIAVE::StreamMgrClass StreamMgr Factory for all piave in- and out- filestreams
PIAVE::UnaryOpAbstract base class for all unary operators
PIAVE::VideoBufferRepresents a video frame in unpacked image format

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