Add an i18n language for Piave...

This an HowTo for adding new i18n languages to piave:

  1. Go to / in the section 'i18n support' and add the language suffixe like this :
    ALL_LINGUAS="fr de es"
    Each suffixe must be separate by a blank space.
  2. Touch the news .po file in '/po' folder like this :
    cd po
    touch de.po
    touch es.po
  3. Update the 'Portable Objects' files like this :
    make update-po
  4. make
  5. Add to CVS the .po file (portable objects) and the results .mo files (machine objects).
  6. Thats all (:=))))

Nota : For to add some source files in i18n, you must add this manualy in '/po/' file